Welcome meeting for the new Eco councillors.

Discussed what needs to be done after half term:

-Plan a litter pick.

-Dig up bedding plants in the quads to make way for bulbs.

-Clear the allotment troughs

-Continue to water the indoor plants.

-Continue to ensure that lights are switched off when not in use.

Ask the school what they would like to see added to our school grounds this year, e.g. plant a tree, plant more flowers, add hedgehog homes, buy more gardening tools and equipment.


Green Flag assessment is the first Wednesday back after the holidays. The assessor’s name is Mr Fraser.

Mrs Stallman is now looking at prices for sun shelters for the playground.

Bag2School money used to buy new litter pickers.



Wednesday 27th April is the date for the Green Flag assessment. Eco Councillors will be out of class and need to tell their teacher this.

Members to check litter posters are around the park railings.

Has everyone seen the pigeon in the front quad? We must be careful with it!

Sustainability Week is near the Easter Holiday.

21st April is the visit from Three Bees Cooperative.



The Green Flag application date is 29.02.16.

There will be a litter pick in Moss Park on 2nd February. All Eco Ambassadors need to bring their slips back as usual to their teacher.

A thank you note to residents on Moss Park Road is going to be sent for participating in Bag2School. Parents and carers have also been thanked in the newsletter from Mrs Stallman.

A reminder to children that snacks at playtime need to be healthy. No crisps, chocolate and biscuits, etc.

Members to fill up bird feeders if they get to a quarter full and to tell Mr Ferns if recycling bins are getting full – this is rare as classmates try not to waste paper, and use it as scrap paper and for art and DT.

Monitors to continue their checks in classrooms at 12pm to make sure electrical equipment is off.



Litter picking:

Make sure you always wear gloves and use the pickers when picking up the litter.

Litter picking every Monday by 3 children. Children to make sure that the Welfare Assistants know what they are doing during lunch time.

There will be an assembly about pets with RSPCA and one with the Dogs Trust.



Today we had a visit from Hannah Willet who is studying Animal Welfare at University and has come to talk to us about where we have placed our animal habitats.


Stone in the middle of the bird bath

Hedgehog home should be well hidden so no other animals can hurt it and where it is dark

If you do see a hedgehog in the day tell a teacher because that means it is probably not well

They eat cat food and no fish products. They can survive the whole winter without food if they eat in spring.



School audit of what we have on the grounds:

Bee hives/ log homes

Bird seed kept in the container in the back quad

4 bird feeders

2 bird baths

Ladybird houses

Compost containers

Electric meter is in the Medical Room

All of the edges on the new doors are self closing

Recycling bins in every classroom



Feedback of ideas for prizes for Silver Trail.

Bag2School Collection ends 20th November.

We are still collecting bottle tops. Please can children make sure they are clean when they bring them into school?

The Eco Council has purchased new bird baths and bat houses for around the school grounds.

Mrs Stallman is looking into light sensors for the toilets and halls.

Is there anything else that is needed for animal habitats around school?



First full meeting this new school year.

Ambassadors to remind classmates about collecting 5ps for Silver Trail.

Children to decide what the prize will be.

Ambassadors to check school grounds for litter.

Green Flag assessment is due for renewal.

Miss Higson to join in helping Eco Council with other teachers as Mrs Archer has finished.


16/03/15 Today letters for our Eco Council’s planned litter pick in Moss Park were given out to each of our representatives. Permission slips need to be returned by Wednesday please. The litter pick will take place at 12:30 under adult supervision using gloves and grabbers and Trafford Council will collect the filled rubbish bags for us. We will be collecting local newspapers for use in school during art lessons if parents could send these in please. We will also be collecting reading glasses for recycling. We were astonished to find out that 13 million children worldwide are visually impaired because they don’t have access to eye care and the provision of glasses. Finally, a date has been set for a book swap in school. We look forward to seeing the children in school with age appropriate  books in good condition ready to swap on Friday 1st May.

2/3/15 Today the Eco Council looked at all the entries for their Eco mascot competition. It was a very difficult choice as there were some fantastic entries. The winner and two runners up will be announced in the merit assembly on Friday. Thank you and well done to everyone who entered. We have been invited to take part in a Community Clear up day on Friday 20th March, organised by Trafford Council.  The Eco Council will help with a litter pick in Moss Park. We look forward to being involved in helping our local community. More details to follow.


Today the Eco Council were the first children in our school to go and visit the brand new outdoor classroom. We explored the new seating and classroom area, the weather station, the sundial and compass and admired the new octagon which is ready for planting to encourage wildlife, insects and bees to our school.

The Eco Council had a good look around and described it as ‘amazing’.

A new competition is to be run by the Eco council to design a mascot for our Eco efforts at school. All entries need to be submitted the first week back after half term (week beginning 23rd February).

The Eco council will the judge these entries and a winner will be announced.


The Phil the Bag collection has taken place, bags were collected on Friday 5th December. A big thank you to everyone who donated items. Once all of our bags have been weighed and a value calculated, a cheque will be sent to Mrs Corrigan for school. We look forward to finding out how much money was raised!

The final day for the plastic carrier bag collection will be Friday 12th December. Mr Cunningham has offered to drop them off at Morrisons in Chorlton for recycling on Monday 15th December and has already delivered our first collection. A big thank you to Mr Cunningham for giving up his time to help us. The Eco council counted yet more carrier bags today. Today’s totals are as follows:
3RG 86
5H 57
5S 226
6B 103
Well done! We look forward to finding out which class has brought in the most overall.

Finally, please save any Christmas cards and birthday cards between now and January when we next meet up. We will be recycling them. Please make sure you’ve removed any money or cheques!

Have a happy and safe Christmas break.


Eco council met to discuss the forthcoming Phil the Bag collection which will take place on Thursday 4th December 2014. The Eco council will be designing posters to display in school, reminding children about the collection and the items that can and can’t be collected. Plastic carrier bags are still being collected and Mr Cunningham has kindly offered to drop them off for recycling. A discussion also took place about the progress of the outdoor classroom in the top quad. We are awaiting the installation of the weather station and everything else is in place, waiting to be used once the weather improves!


The Eco council met to judge the bottle top mosaic competition that was run through the spring term.
All of the council were given a vote to decide on the top three entries and winners were picked. It was impossible to choose just one winner!!! The winners will be informed in assembly on Friday.

All of the entries were fantastic so the choice was very difficult. We will display the entries in the library so all the children can have a look.

The Phil the bag bags have arrived in school. The Eco council decided on a date for collection- bags are going to be sent out today, and brought back in to school very soon. Miss Savage will ring the Phil the bag company to arrange collection.

The Eco council met to discuss the success of our fantastic book swap. We had more books than ever before and all of the children seemed to have a really good time choosing new books to read.

Update on the application for an Eco area/outdoor classroom to be built. Miss Savage and Mrs Archer met with a man from a company who are going to make a bid on our behalf to try and get this area built. The company were very positive about all of the ideas and will be in touch very soon to let us know the progress of the bid. It will be sent to the lottery commission to decide if we can use some of the money for our own project. The maximum that we may be able to get for this project is £10000 so we are very excited about this.

This process was explained to the councillors, and they are to feed back that a bid has been placed to the lottery fun to try and get this project underway.

The Eco council are hoping to run another ‘Phil the bag’ day. A provisional date for this decided by the Eco council is Thursday 3rd April. The Eco council will approach Mrs Stallman about this date, and should it go ahead the Eco council will promote this event around school.

Surejya fed back that her class were asking for another Eco weeko-Mrs Archer and Miss Savage will discuss this with the other members of staff. We will aim to do this in the same week as ‘Phil the bag’.

The Eco council met to collect ideas for our space holding the octagon to create a community space. The Eco council decided after a lengthy discussion we would like to change the space for an outdoor classroom . Council lord collected a list of ideas for all of the things we would like including benches,tables, working space, a working wall, a water fountain and many more ideas. Councillors are to go back and ask their classes for any other ideas which should then be fed back to the council at the next meeting.


The Eco Council were congratulaed on their teriffic effort at out Green Flag assessment day! We have been re awarded our Green Flag thanks to the brilliant work of everyone around school.

Some reccomendations were made about future action. From next year, the Year 6 councillors will be running the Eco Council meetings. Surejya in particular was commented on her excellent communication skills, and as a result will be leading the meetings in the future.

The rest of the meeting was spent counting the final bottletops to be recycled.


The Eco Council met to discuss switch off fortnight which is the week starting 18th November.

The Eco Council completed a walk around of the school to check for lights and whiteboards left on.

Some of our Eco Councillors are continuing to walk around school with Mr Ferns to take the energy readings for electricity and water. This will be completed again this week with Mr Ferns.


The Eco Council met to discuss the green waste that Mr Ferns our school caretaker is disposing of. It has been noted that we do not surrently have a green bin where we can dispose of such waste. Mr Cunningham our School Govenor is going to contact Trafford and find out if we can get a green bin for this type of waste.

A designing task was set to all the Eco Councillors to creata a piece of artwork for each letter of our School Eco Code.


The Eco Council met to discuss plans for the octagon area between the Y3 and Y5 classrooms. Designs had been submitted last year from the Infant and Junior School. A new competition will now bwe put in place for each class to design a segement of the octagon with an eco theme. Ideas about what these could be were discussed with the Eco Council to feed back to their classes.

Our co-opted members and Eco Council will be visiting the infants school in the next few weeks to discuss further plans with staff at Moss Park Infant School.

Eco Councillors were remided about all the recycling going on in school and updated on the bottle top collection.


The Eco Council met to discuss what they wish to be collected by the classes for a competition this term. Mrs Archer has found a new colletion point for bottle tops so the Eco Council decided this would be our recycling collection item.

Eco Councillors were asked to remind classes of the following:

Bottle tops must be pastic

Bottle tops must be washed

Bottle tops brought in plastic bags – the baghs should be reused and recycled not thrown away.

A competition will now stat in school and it will be Eco Councillors jobs to help collect, sort and weigh the bottle tops each week.

Eco Councillors were also reminded about the compost bin in school and a rota was set up to determine who will take these out at playtimes for apple cores and other natural waste.


The Eco Council met for the first time today. All Eco Councillors were congratulated on their positions and welcomed by Mrs Archer and Miss Savage.

Children were asked what they already knew about the role of the Eco Council and ideas about that role were brainstormed.

All children were issued with their Eco folders and notebooks (shared with the school council to cut down on paper waste)